Plant Operations Manager

1.Coordinates Plant Operations activities with regulatory agencies.
2.Responsible for proper permitting and permit renewal of all plant operations related to Engineering.
3.Advisor to all department managers for the proper permitting of individual department requirements (i.e., pharmacy hoods, lab hoods, etc.)
4.Assists other department managers in administering safety activities.
5.Consistently supervises and coordinates the activities of personnel in the Plant Operations departments.
6.Manages appropriate and timely personnel performance evaluations on all employees of the Plant Operations departments.
7.Consistently participates in the development of capital equipment and operating budget and maintains operations of the Plant Operations Departments within the approved budget.
8.Fulfills all Environment of Care monitoring and reporting responsibilities.
9.Fulfills all safety reports to the Environment of Care Committee.
10.Coordinates aesthetic design enhancements to the facility.
11.Ensures compliance to accreditation and regulatory standards as they apply to the Environment of Care requirements. Ensures compliance to Life Safety guidelines and practices.
12.Coordinates facility involvement in ensuring compliance to CA SB 1953Seismic standards
13.Performs other duties as assigned or required.

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